• Hilary has supported and encouraged Ruby with literacy and numeracy. School have commented on how well Ruby is progressing and how much her handwriting has improved. She is more confident in her literacy skills. Teachers at Ruby's school have encouraged her to attend and are always pleased when Ruby shows the class her achievements. Thank you." - Ruby's mother
  • "We have seen a huge improvement in Eve's school work, since she started. She was very shy and got very upset at the thought of reading a book. Now she is telling me to sit down, whilst she reads me a story! Brilliant." - Eve's mother
  • "Jeswin's improvements in maths lessons have made him better in his class. He has achieved higher marks and got the European Championship in maths, conducted in school." - Jeswin's parents
  • "Eureka Tuition have been great at boosting confidence in my children at a time when the importance of doing well in SAT tests is the message coming across from primary schools. It’s a long time between finishing SATs and starting high school so it’s important that Maths is kept fresh in your children’s minds as they will face CAT tests soon after they start school in September. Eureka Tuition gave my children help with preparing for these CAT tests and gave them the confidence they needed to show their true abilities." - parents of twins Meghan and Dominic
  • "I feel Kayden has come a long way since starting with you. He is more accurate and motivated with his work. He understands what he is learning. His confidence is brilliant and he is not afraid of doing any reading or writing. I thank Hilary for doing a great job. Kayden is a different little boy, happy and nothing will stop him from wanting to learn more." - Kayden’s mother
  • "A great improvement in Jasin's maths work and he has achieved confidence in solving school homework. Thank you very much for your support." - Jasin’s father
  • "Thank you for all your help and support with Bethany over the past few years. It has made such a difference to her. She has grown in so many ways, but most importantly in confidence." - Bethany's parents
  • "Georgia's reading has improved greatly since attending the sessions. She is much more confident and will now attempt to read new and unfamiliar words. She is now attempting to spell new words and finds it much easier to spell out words generally. She can work alone and is much more willing to just 'have a go' at reading or homework." - Georgia’s mother
  • "Since Matthew has been attending the centre we can certainly see the benefit. The most crucial improvement has been to his self esteem. He has slowly moved from an 'I can't do it, I'm stupid' to 'I can if I'm shown'. He used to panic when faced with anything new, now he takes it in his stride and accepts he cannot know everything instantly but knows that with time he will learn. I used to worry that he would resent me for sending him to maths on Saturday morning, but he really enjoys going. I asked him why and he replied 'because when I go; I realise that I can do it and I'm not stupid'. That to me is a statement that is worth every penny we have spent. Education is not just about exam results, it's about building self esteem for the future and you have certainly made my son believe in himself more than I could have once imagined." - Matthew’s mother
  • "As a parent I found the assessment process itself was useful in identifying areas for development. Adrianna has been more motivated and is engaged by the variety of learning techniques. She finds the environment welcoming and the sessions fun as well as educational. Hilary has been open to focussing on different areas of need and has taken the time to feedback on progress." - Adrianna's mother
  • "We feel that Hilary gave George so much confidence and changed his attitude towards himself. The results he got in his SATS were better than we ever expected him to achieve. He now realises how important it is to concentrate and focus on a piece of work." - George's parents
  • The tutors are very positive and encouraging and Yasmin really enjoys coming and rising to the challenge. Her confidence in learning situations has grown." - Yasmin's mother.
  • "Sally has come on leaps and bounds in literacy, thanks." - Sally's parents.





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