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English and Maths tutoring for children aged 5 to 16

Feedback from Children

What Children Say about their experiences at Eureka.


Children's Feedback

I enjoy working on the computers, especially the games. My tutor is always nice and friendly and helps me out a lot. It has given me confidence and showed me that I can do spelling
— George

I like going on the computers. I have learned a lot and my writing is getting better. I now get top marks in spelling and I put my hand up to answer questions. It has given me confidence and I enjoy all my subjects at school now.
— Kayden

Thank you for all the support, encouragement and faith you’ve had in me. Without everyone at Eureka it wouldn’t have been possible for me to get my ‘A’. I can’t thank you enough
— Fatima

I like the tutor, the work and the fun of the games. I have learned about fractions, decimals, how to add and subtract better. I have moved up two groups in maths. I have more confidence and it has made me brighter.
— Jessica

I have learned basic lessons of maths, which has helped in school. I have achieved good results in fractions and mental maths. I have more confidence in answering questions and got 60/60 in a European Championship in maths at school.
— Jeswin
I like playing games on the computer and doing maths. I have learned how to do algebra and the perimeter and area of something in maths. It has helped me so I do not get stuck with most of my work and helped me get merits and to put my hand up a lot more at school.
— Ruby