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English and Maths tutoring for children aged 5 to 16

What parents ask

When you are looking for an English or Maths tutor, it's normal for parents to have a lot of questions about the English and Maths tuition your child will receive, especially how we differ from other providers. This page provides answers to some of the more common questions parents may have about the level of English and Maths tuition provided at Eureka.



Thank you for all your help and support with Bethany over the past few years. It has made such a difference to her. She has grown in so many ways, but most importantly in confidence
— Bethany's parents

What happens at the free assessment?

If you are concerned that your child may need extra help with reading, spelling, English or maths, then a visit with him or her to our centre will reassure you. Our neutral and friendly centre is neither home nor school. Seeing the facilities and discussing their child’s needs, gives parents confidence in our ability to help.

During your visit we will carry out an assessment to ascertain how well your child is coping with their school work and whether extra help is needed. We may also ensure there are no physical problems, such as your child’s visual or hearing ability, that could be affecting their progress at school.

We will make our recommendations and you choose what you feel is appropriate for your child - there is no hard sell. If you go ahead, then the information gained from the assessment helps us to set the starting level and scope of the individual programme we design for your son or daughter.

Could my child benefit?

Our method of applying a wide range of teaching techniques and resources in small easy-to-master steps, is just as effective at extending the abilities of high achievers, as it is in lifting the performance of students who need to catch up. We have many students who are already excelling at school.

Our programmes are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. Our centre has a welcoming, friendly environment, away from the distractions of a family home – children are comfortable with us and find that they can learn and enjoy the process of learning. When children respond to their environment, they become encouraged and receptive to learning new things. This builds understanding and confidence.

Who will teach my child?

Your child will be given all the benefits of active teaching, not just parked in front of a screen or endless worksheets. Our students are not taught by phone, video or internet, but by fully qualified and experienced teachers. Our teachers will be working individually with up to four children.

Your child will enjoy direct teaching from a caring tutor who supports your son or daughter during every step of learning. All our tutors are selected for their teaching ability and are matched with students who require that tutor's specialist expertise.

We provide a safe and focused learning environment, using exclusive curriculum resources. Our teaching methods employ 1-to-1 instruction, a small group environment and a balance of traditional and modern technologies. Learning is varied and fun!

You can rely on the professional judgement of our excellent tutors, who are all carefully selected to ensure that our teaching is of the highest quality. You may rest assured that all teachers are checked using an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB/DBS) check.

How many students are taught together?

One of the main aims of tutoring is to help the child reach a point where he/she is able to succeed in classroom situations at school. In our centre, tutors work individually with up to four children because:

  • An immediate benefit of others being there is that, at the outset, each child appreciates that they are not alone in their need for extra support and tutoring. This is a great confidence-builder for children, especially for those who have begun to feel isolated in their struggle to understand a certain subject.
  • A shared sense of purpose is contagious. Students work better when others around them are focused, active and proud of what they are achieving.
    • Students move more confidently from a tutoring setting of 3 - 5 students to a school classroom of 25 - 30 students, than from a 1-to-1 adult/student setting.
    • In the centre, students are encouraged to model each others positive behaviours.
    • Students build self-esteem by being role models for other students in the centre.
    • Students enjoy meeting other students before and after lessons. Friendship is a powerful motivator in a structured, cheerful and carefully monitored environment.

Will it improve school results?

The main reason students attend Eureka Tuition is to achieve improved school results.

Our programmes successfully raise the achievements of students because:

  • They are closely linked to educational needs and our tutors are aware of school requirements.
  • They are designed to give students the motivation and increased confidence to succeed.
  • We develop an individually tailored programme for each child, based on what we discover during an assessment. It may introduce new content, revise what he or she has covered in school, or extend a child who is already achieving. The programme is constantly modified as new education needs arise.
  • We emphasise the positive aspects and achievements of every child. Almost all our students make significantly better progress at school, resulting in:
    • An improved class position.
    • Better SATs results at the end of key stages.
    • Passing school entrance exams.
    • Higher than predicted grades in GCSE.

How soon will I see results?

The progress children make varies from student to student. Many make positive progress from the very first lesson, while others take longer to show improvements. We will discuss likely outcomes with you, during your child’s free assessment.

Lessons are tailored to your child’s unique needs. Our teaching includes direct tutoring, traditional book work and computers; and is supported by regular homework. Your child will benefit from proven learning methods, offered by caring and qualified teachers who ensure that students become more proficient and confident.

We provide honest and regular feedback to parents on the progress of their children, as well as formal re-assessments - you will be invited by our tutors to offer your comments and feedback.

When and how long are lessons?

Session Times

Day Session 1 Start/Finish Session 2 Start/Finish
Tuesday 4.00pm - 5.20pm 5.30pm - 6.50pm
Wednesday 4.00pm - 5.20pm 5.30pm - 6.50pm
Thursday 4.00pm - 5.20pm 5.30pm - 6.50pm
Friday 4.00pm - 5.20pm 5.30pm - 6.50pm
Saturday 9.30am - 10.50am 11.00am - 12.20pm

All sessions are subject to availability and maximum group size.

A session lasts 80 minutes, with students rotating between individual time with their tutor, written work and computer. We design individual programmes of study for each and every child. Generally, students complete 5 - 6 different activities each lesson. Homework is given each week, to reinforce work done in lessons.

How much do lessons cost?

Each 80 minute lesson costs £28.50 (£21.38 per hour) per week. This includes all writing materials, worksheets, textbooks, homework sheets and use of exclusive computer programs; as well as experienced, specialist, professional tuition. When you enrol your child with us, you'll find there are no hidden additional costs.

Discounted prices are offered for monthly payments, children attending the centre for English and Maths, or siblings attending each week.

What if my child misses a lesson?

It is appreciated that illness or other events may prevent a student from attending a session, but we do ask that missed lessons are paid for at the next lesson attended. However, a free make-up session will be provided at the first available opportunity. We would appreciate as much notice as possible if your child is unable to attend a session, so that the slot can be used for someone else requiring a make-up session. For this reason, we regret that a make-up lesson can only be fitted in if we are given at least 24 hours notice.

Regular attendance is crucial if your child is going to make progress.